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Our Mission

Milestone Knowledge Port gathers, produces, and applies national and international knowledge. The local channelling of this knowledge is facilitated by programs, projects, and other forms of cooperation realised by the diverse community of the Port, made up of Milestone alumni, members of the Hungarian diaspora, and representatives of national and international scientific, economic, and cultural life. Our goal is to facilitate alumni and members of the Hungarian diaspora return home from abroad, and use their knowledge and experience to benefit the country. Knowledge Port is the site of meetings and exchanges of ideas. It catalyses innovation and positive change, enabling Hungary to provide as prepared as possible responses to the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Vision

We believe in a Hungary where knowledge and talent serve as the grounds of advancement both on the level of the individual and on the level of society. We position Knowledge Port to be a hub through which international knowledge and experience flows into the country, interacts with local knowledge and practice, and generates innovation and change on the local and global levels. We would like Knowledge Port to be the starting point of the way Hungary repositions herself in the 21st century.
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Upcoming events

2023. June 07.

“Kiállok magamért” theatre play

2023. December 22.

Milestone Alumni Christmas Party 2023

2023. October 27.

Milestone Education Conference

2023. September 22.

Galileo Night 2023

2023. August 02.

Leaver’s Camp 2023