The community of the Milestone Knowledge Port consists of the Institute’s alumni, parents of current and former students, our faculty and staff, and open to anyone who can identify with our values and who wishes to support our goals.

Milestone Alumni

Since 2011, more than 1,500 students have completed their education at the Milestone Institute and continued their studies at top universities around the world. By now, more than half of our former students have already graduated from university and found employment abroad or in Hungary. True to our mission, we are ensuring that their knowledge and experience benefit our country both in the short and medium term. We have developed a new alumni programme to provide opportunities and incentives for those considering returning home.

Until now, we have stayed in contact with our alumni on an annual basis, through events organised especially for them. Through our new membership programme, we want to foster a closer than ever before bond with them, with initiatives both strengthening cohesion within the community and helping them with their orientation and integration into the domestic labour market.

Friends of Milestone

The Friends of Milestone at the core is composed of our faculty, staff, parents of current and former students. Thanks to their incredible help and support that Milestone has become the institution we know today in the past 12 years. Their faith, talent, perseverance and support have provided, and continue to provide, hundreds of our current and former students with the opportunity to acquire internationally competitive knowledge and apply it in the most valuable ways. We are happy to welcome anyone who would like to contribute to this success, as well as those who would like to become regular participants of our private events.

Cooperation with companies

We are looking for cooperation opportunities with companies that are ready as employers to provide a suitable environment for young Hungarians who want to work in Hungary, have recently graduated from one of the world’s top universities or have international work experience. If you or your company are interested in a cooperation, please contact us at