Milestone Alumni Club

The Milestone Alumni Club is a self-organising initiative run by the alumni, for the alumni. Its goal is to keep the alumni community connected through various events, such as the monthly club events, the Alumni Day at the Leavers Camp, the MS Alumni Christmas party, a potential Alumni ski camp, and so on… We look forward to welcoming y’all and appreciate all ideas and help!

Next Club event

Previous Alumni Club events

2023. October 28.

Alumni Club S01E06 – Bachatomi Farewell Party

2023. September 09.

Alumni Club S01E05 – Summer Closing BBQ

2023. August 05.

Alumni Club S01E04 Alumni Day @Leavers’ Camp

2023. July 15.

Alumni Club S01E03 – Founders’ Ball

2023. June 25.

Alumni Club S01E02 – Picnic at Margaret Island

2023. May 18.

Alumni Club S01E01 – Pub Quiz