W17 – Great Hall
Budapest, 1077, Wesselényi utca 17.

Milestone X HYA (Hungarian Youth Association): All roads lead home?- Is being abroad a destination or only a station?

The Hungarian Youth Association and Milestone Institute are proud to announce their partnership “Do all roads finaly lead home? – Being abroad a destination or a station?” open event.


???? Are those who learn abroad stay abroad?

When and how many young Hungarians return home after a few years abroad? Let’s put numbers behind the assumptions! We invite you to an afternoon where we take the narrative of your experience abroad to a new level. Milestone Institute and the Hungarian Youth Association have carried out research on this topic.


❓ Can we generalise? Do many or only a few people long to go home? A presentation summarising the research findings will reveal the plans and expectations of members of the Hungarian diaspora.


???? The scientific findings will be complemented by personal testimonies and experiences, with young people who have returned to Hungary and are working at home sharing their stories in a panel discussion. At the end of the event there will be an opportunity for personal discussion and networking.


Who did the research?

⭐ Milestone Institute. Since 2010, Milestone has been developing English language programmes alongside internationally recognised secondary schools in our home country to develop our students’ intellectual development, enabling them to find the area of their interest and ability that best suits them, and to become successful, independent thinkers.



⭐ Hungarian Youth Association (HYA). It is the largest organisation active in the most active Hungarian community. Their aim is to provide a platform for young Hungarians to share their experiences and network with like-minded peers.


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