Future Hungary

Future Hungary is an annual series of conferences and a community around it that aims to reach out to talented Hungarian students studying abroad. The main objectives of the conference and of the community building are to connect the Hungarian diaspora with Hungarian employers, innovators, and academics.

The history of the Milestone Institute and Future Hungary is intertwined in several ways. Its founding members are Milestone alumni, and its members and officers include a large number of former Milestone alumni.  Due to the similar background and common goals, the cooperation between Milestone Knowledge Port and Future Hungary became closer than ever from 2022 onwards. The first manifestation of this was the 2022 conference’s Budapest Hub, which took place at the Milestone Institute and concluded in a joint evening panel discussion. Future Hungary’s broad international reach multiplies and enriches our community, and through its direct links to Hungarian diaspora communities, it contributes to the mission of the Milestone Knowledge Port.